FootBored is the new football game that all your friends are talking about. You may have seen our recent posts on basic strategy and special plays. But have you ever wondered how the overtime period in FootBored works? Well, buckle up because it’s about to get exciting! The overtime in FootBored is modeled after classic college football overtime, where each team takes turns with a possession starting from the opponent’s 25-yard line. The clock stops ticking, and the game continues until a clear winner is declared.

Tossing for Possession

During the coin toss, one team gets the ball first, and the other team gets the ball second. If the game goes into double overtime, the team that had the ball second in the first overtime will get the ball first in the second. The first possession flips every overtime period.

Stepping Up the Game in 3OT

Starting in the third overtime, things get even more thrilling as each team must go for a two-point conversion. But beware, you only get two Hail Marys and one timeout per every two overtime periods, so make sure to use your resources wisely.

For example, if you suspect your opponent is going for a field goal, use your timeout to “ice the kicker.” The Play, Multiplier, and Yard cards will automatically shuffle as needed, and between every two periods in overtime, so make sure to use your resources wisely.

The Bottom Line

The overtime in FootBored adds an extra layer of strategy and excitement to this football game, allowing teams to showcase their skills in clutch moments and potentially comeback for thrilling wins! The rules and mechanics of overtime in FootBored are designed to keep the game fair and competitive for both teams, making for an enjoyable experience for players of all skill levels. If you’re ready to start playing – then start a game right now! Be on the lookout for next our post about FootBored.

Thanks for reading and happy playing!