Why Work with Me?

Hi! I’m Sam 👋
I’m a Web Designer 👨‍💻
I live in Bend, Oregon 🏔️
In case you can't tell by the colors, I'm an Oregon State alum 🦫
And I’m passionate about leveling-up your small business 📈
What are you waiting for…? 🤔


Thencan Designs empowers small business owners in Central Oregon to reach their full potential through beautifully designed and functional websites. I believe in building personal and collaborative relationships with all of my clients, and strive to create websites that accurately reflect their unique vision and values. Together, we can grow your small business to reach your big goals.


- Sam, CEO/Web Designer


Featured Projects


Bushido Cutz sells high-end barber's equipment, but their eCommerce site was anything but high end.

"Thencan Designs completely revamped our store."

- Mike H, CEO of Bushido Cutz

Landing Page

Sploot Systems is a growing tech company. They needed a landing page for interested parties to visit.

"Sam really listened to our concerns."

- John M, CTO of Sploot Systems


Alex T is a writer and needed a contact page during his MFA application period. 

"Sam took the time to help me when I needed to hit a deadline."

- Alex T, Writer

Up Your Game

Posts to help you improve your FootBored strategy.

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Send me your dreams. Only thencan we begin to realize them, together.

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